Welcome to Soulful, a shrine for a delicate yet strong gelfling heroine, KIRA! The Dark Crystal is such a beautiful world and despite my affinity for certain skeksis *cough*Mal*cough*, I love the original gelfling cast, which was pure and filled with magic. Kira is my favorite character from the 1982 movie and therefore - my tiny tribute to her and her courage.
Soon, this site will grow and you will be able to read many articles about most fair of the gelfling. Enjoy your stay!

Last update: 3rd January 2022
Ooof, the layout is ready to welcome the text. I will start working on latter tomorrow, now I am exhausted by my work and lack of sleep.
9.09 the same day - pfff, fuuu, I added lots of stuff everywhere, I am hopeless. I hope you like my hard work, lol.

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