Kira, one of the last of the gelfling - the native species of Thra - was the child of unknown gelfling parents (some say that her mother was Seladon, some, Brea). She wandered through the woods, after skeksis killed all gelfling in sight, to not allow the prophecy - about only gelfling being able to stop their reign - to fulfill. Kira was found by a podling peasant and raised as her daughter.

In time of the movie, she finds clueless and lost Jen, when he puzzles on how to use the crystal shard. Kira is much better oriented in situation than him - she dreamfasts with him, showing him her past, and joins him, to stop the skeksis from destroying Thra, together.

Kira goes through a lot on pain in the movie. skekTek the Scientist straps her to the draining chair and if not Kira's talent to influence animals, literally talking with them, she would lose her vital essence.

Kira almost dies, stabbed by skekZok the Ritual Master, yet the urskek - I am sure its UngIm - heals her, giving her Thra, now brimming with light, after fulfillment of prophecy.

More about the plot of the film, you can view here!

Kira is a soul of the movie. She is delicate yet clever and has strong personality. Her strength of character saves Thra and her sacrifice is awarded with long life.

Our gelfling heroine has many talents. Aside from talking to animals, she has beautiful soulful voice - as we see in the scene on the river, when Jen plays on the flute. She can also ride easily on the landstriders, which are surely much bigger than her and fast as a wind.

She plays the role of a teacher of Jen. If not her, he would never be able to restore the Crystal of Truth. She has also a lot of common sense, strongly standing with her feet on the ground.

She has big brown eyes, and fair skin, her silky whitish hair fall on her back in cascade of strands. Her clothing is practical - after all she lived in the podling village, where most of people don't care about convenances.

Kira always was my favorite gelfling, even after the Netflix show came out, showing a full array of great gelfling characters. Kira has silent strength that knows no weapons and violence, she doesn't fight in big battles, but changes the face of the world. That is feminine and powerful strength that I always lean to.