The Dark Crystal is 1982 fantasy movie, the creation of Jim Henson (the famous Muppets's creator) and Brian Froud, the designer of the creatures that appeared in the film.

Most people who recall The Dark Crystal admit now that they were frightened by the movie and if they saw it nowadays, they don't know why. I must say that I have never been afraid of the film but I can see where are these people coming from. The lifelike puppets, who stared in The Dark Crystal, were so real that all what happened on the screen could be perceived as truth for the kids and seeing a skeksis for the first time might shook them while watching.

The movie tells the story of a gelfling Jen, who is sent by his Master to dangerous mission of healing the split Crystal of Truth, which made the dark and flamboyant skeksis the rulers of the planet. Skeksis aren't good lords at all, due to their old age's bitterness and proness to cruelty and selfish behavior. Thus, Jen is literally forced to restore the broken crystal and the skeksis, who lose they Emperor at the same time, try to stop him and his newly met gelfling friend Kira from bringing doom to them.

The Dark Crystal is a exceptional movie, which never leaves the viewer with empty head, leaving there sights, thoughts and visions one could only dream about. Even if you were scared of the movie as a kid, you never said it was a bad movie, yes? Because it was special, beautiful and unique, even more with only puppets acting and amazing skill in portraying conmpletely fantastic and unreal world that surrounds the characters.

Whoever you rooted for, the skeksis, Jen, Kira or the mystics, you must admit that this movie is a small masterpiece, a striking imagery within our dull reality, which brings us visions of another world... in another time.

The Dark Crystal left a legacy, that sprouted the Netflix series and many books and comics, which I plan to write about - at least those which have Kira in them :)